10 Pack 45RPM Adaptors Spider Inserts for 7" Vinyl Records Jukebox NonSlip


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10 Pack of 45RPM Adaptor Spider Inserts
These “spider” adapters click into the large centre hole of a 7″ 45RPM record to make the record compatible with the smaller spindles commonly found on modern LP turntables. These inserts are easy to click in and out of the record and, with their grip functionality, once they’re in they stay in.

This tried & true design has been around since the 1960s and are an instantly recognisable music icon.

Record Stacking
These spiders are the Hutchinson design, which features small pins on both sides of the insert. When stacking 7″ records, the pins will prevent two or more records stacked on top of each other from slipping, and will spin at the same speed.

Perfect fit. Nonslip. Snaps in.

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